Saturday, September 06, 2014 – Paleontologists Mike Taylor, Matt Wedel, and Darren Naish offered their thoughts on Dreadnoughtus and called into question some of the findings of the original paper. And of course, this is the type of discourse we all want: studious, positive feedback, and attention to detail… and it’s not negative or contentious.


  • “The paper (Lacovara et al. 2014) is open access, which is great
  • 3D PDFs of the whole skeleton and selected elements”… obviously awesome.
  • But “the world’s heaviest sauropod — how could anyone possibly tell?”
  • “femur of Dreadnoughtus is 1.9 meters, which is only 3/4 of the estimated length of the largest partial femur of Argentinosaurus”
  • any claim that it is ‘the’ heaviest is premature until we know how big a fully adult Dreadnoughtus was”
  • Dreadnoughtus does not extend the known size range of the largest sauropods. Period.
  • “It’s an important addition to our knowledge.” And of course… “Happy days“!

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Finding the Gigantic Titanosaur 'Dreadnoughtus schrani'

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Finding the Gigantic Titanosaur 'Dreadnoughtus schrani'

Finding the Gigantic Titanosaur 'Dreadnoughtus schrani'