Thursday, May 29, 2014 – Though they’re not technically dinosaurs, we can all use a bit of ichthyosaur-related news now and then! In lower Jurassic deposits near Cardiff, Wales (UK) researchers have uncovered a massive ichthyosaur. At an estimated 12m – 15m in length (calculated based on the creature’s radius), this specimen is much longer than any known Jurassic ichthyosaur from Europe or elsewhere.

A PDF describing the study in detail can be found here: A mysterious giant ichthyosaur from the lowermost Jurassic of Wales

Below is a drawing of another Jurassic period ichthyosaur, Stenopterygius.

Find - Giant Jurassic-Era Ichthyosaur Uncovered near Wales

Stenopterygius. Photo by: Nobu Tamura (

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