Tuesday, April 28, 2014 – Welcome to Dinosaur.Today! We’ve launched as of April 28th, 2014, and we’re excited! We’ll be blogging soon about a trip to see Anzu Wyliei, recent paleontological discoveries, discoveries unearthed around the world, dinosaurs in pop culture, and more. Our posts will be detailed but accessible, as we aim to promote Dinosaur News for Everyone!

What is Dinosaur.Today?

Dinosaur News for Everyone

Who is Dinosaur.Today?

Dinosaur lovers, amateur vertebrate paleontologists, scientists, and adventursaurs.

What’s done, and what’s next for Dinosaur.Today?

We have a host, we have a basic site setup, and now we’re working on logos, content streams, and more. We expect to begin posting news about your favorite dinosaurs ASAP!